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Gothic Design Limited strives to provide high quality printing and designing services powered by modern technology and machineries available for the graphic design industry. With the use of these machineries and equipment along with technical expertise, GDL has raised the standard of the graphic design industry in Bangladesh.
At the onset, GDL applies the use of Mac Pro Computer Systems to create the basic designs. The Digital Auto Screening Coater is also used after the design phase for auto chemical screen processing, which is termed to be one of the latest advancements of the graphical and printing business.
The TRILOC machine, manufactured by M&R of USA is used to prepare and develop the screen set for the auto printing machines.
Furthermore, the Modern Glass Printing Table is used to transfer graphic design onto the fabric, laid on a long glass table. A table top dryer is used to adjust the modern glass table to dry up the graphic designs on the fabrics.
GDL uses a state of the art Heat Press Machine from XINGCHEN Start CO. Ltd, manufactured in China to imprint color onto the fabrics by applying heat. This machine is used both before the final finishing phase and the final delivery phase.
The latest addition to GDL’s line of equipment is the 18-color Print Capacity Garment Printing Machine, the ‘Alpha 8’. It is an automatic oval shaped textile press machine made by M&R, USA with a print production capacity of 75 dozen prints to the hour. A unique feature of this machine is that it cannot only print in multicolor, but also print several different designs at the same time. The ‘Alpha 8’ is the largest machine of its kind and it further asserts GDL’s commitments to pursue excellence in printing, not only in Bangladesh but also in the global market.
Besides these, GDL makes use of automatic circular print machines such as Diamond Back and Sportsman. Presently, GDL has two Diamond Back machines. Of which, the first is a 6-color machine purchased from M&R in 2007 with a 30 dozen prints per hour capacity while the second one was purchased in 2009 which is a 9-color machine with a capacity of 40 dozen prints per hour. The Sportsman is a 12 Color Servo-type Automatic Circular Print Machine with a capacity of 60 dozen prints per hour.
GDL also has curing machines – Radicure D and Fusion R Series. These curing machines, also known as conveyor dryers, have a moving speed of 1 meter in 10 seconds.
GDL further uses the M&R-made Expose machine – Tri-Light and Verivide made Light Box device. The American-made machine Tri-Light operates with 6 KW of light and is used for screen development exposure and the Light Box is used as an apparatus to determine the standard of shade by reflection and transmission.

Apart from these high end technologies, GDL also uses stencil dryer to dry up the implied color, digital weight machine, Color mixing machine and other basic technologies to execute day to day graphic designing activities.

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