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    Gothic Design Ltd (GDL)was established in 2007 with a vision to become the best apparel printing factory in Bangladesh. Mr. Masudul Hoque, the Managing Director of GDL, brought GDL under the umbrella of VIYELLATEX group to support VIYELLATEX as well as reap the synergies associated with the partnership. To date, Gothic Design Ltd has provided printing services to world renowned brands such as Puma, S.Oliver, Esprit, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury, Hugo Boss, PVH, Guess, etc. just to name a few. GDL’s printing experience, coupled with its modern technology in printing, has enabled it to enjoy success in giving clients the highest degree of satisfaction over the years.

    Today, Gothic Design Ltd (GDL) not only supports VIYELLATEX, but also caters to services from external businesses as well. This has resulted in expansion of the factory to over 50,000 sqft of production space and providing employment to over 750+ skilled employees, making GDL one of the market leaders in the apparel printing industry.

    GDL’s capability is not just limited to making standard and critical garments. It fosters a friendly and healthy work environment to ensure employee motivation and to maintain quality of world-class standards. The modern technology is further integrated with ERP software such as world-renowned SAP. Furthermore, GDL’s HR team is committed to ensure compliance that meets international as well as local regulations.


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